This step-by-step system shows you...

"How To Build A Big Damn
Email List Of People Begging
 Send You Money!"

Here's how you really make a lot of money online by growing a huge, responsive and rabid email list of buyers for your affiliate marketing... e-commerce... information products... and online business even if you're starting from scratch. If the money's in the list -- and it IS -- you need this...

Hi this is John Anghelache.

I'd like to point something out to you...

Success on the web depends upon constantly growing your email list.

"John is only one of a handful of copywriters on the scene I'd trust. In fact, I hired him recently
to write a sales letter for one of my $6,250 products. He jam-packed the letter with killer salesmanship. I'm delighted with the results."

-- Gary C. Halbert

With fresh qualified leads who have a proven history of buying. Try building a direct marketing based business any other way and it won't work.

That's why, I'll give you complete access to my Email Hyper List Building program.

And you can get in for... FREE!

To make sure this is right for you, here are a few secrets you'll discover...

  • My proven 7-Step list building strategy! Lets you start from zero and build an email list packed with hundreds of hungry buyers within days!
  • The differences between PAID and SEO traffic and which one I perfer. Hands down.
  • How to define a quality lead. They are NOT all the same.
  • How to profile your customers. THIS IS the most important step of all. Get this wrong and you'll handicap any traffic generation efforts you try.
  • Why giving away reports, audios and videos is a losing strategy... IF... you want a responsive EMAIL list.
  • One Step vs. Two Step lead capture process and which one works best.
  • Hard squeeze vs. Soft squeeze offers and which ones work best.
  • How to apply the "tier of responsive media" concept to...

Drive Massive Amounts Of Quality
Traffic To Your Offers

  • My favorite paid traffic sources and how to generate a constant stream of opt ins who are ready, willing and able to buy. 
  • The weird reason I don't do PPC -- although you certainly can -- and what I prefer to concentrate on instead.
  • Why understanding Gary Halbert's concept of the "starving crowd" is critical to the success of all your online lead generation efforts. (Miss the point here and you'll waste lots of time and money on "ideas" that don't fly.) 
  • The four best, most-qualified types of prospects to focus on attracting. (This is where the money -- the BIG money -- really is.)
  • How to apply Jay Abraham's "The Dream 100 Sell" strategy to transform your client-attraction marketing! (Jay's the most successful marketing consultant in the world. The simple mindset he explains here practically guarantees you only deal with cash-rich prospects eager to buy from you.) 
  • How I started my copywriting career with a small list of prospects, a free email account and Internet access via the public library... and... built a lasting six-figure business within a few weeks. (Big lesson about targeting the right people.)
  • The three characteristics of an Ideal Customer and how to apply them to your market. (If you don't know this you'll flounder and fail miserably!) 
  • And a lot more!

While all those secrets may sound great, I'm sure you're wondering why you should bother listenting to me.

First off, I've worked for some of the biggest names in online and offline marketing. My list of personal clients reads like a...

"Who's Who" Of The Most Influential
Business Minds In The World

For example, I've worked for:

  • The late,Gary C. Halbert, who is considered by many the best advertising copywriter who ever lived. Gary is also noted as writing the most mailed sales letter - it was mailed over 600,000,000 times - in history.
  • Dr. Joe Vitalewho is a marketing genius and one of the stars of the blockbuster book and movie, "The Secret". Joe's inspirational books on self-improvement and marketing have reached best-seller lists the world over.
  • Yanik Silveris the "hot shot" Internet marketing whiz who helps people start profitable web businesses from scratch. His "Underground Marketing" seminar is becoming the stuff of legend.
  • David Garfinkelof the World Copywriting Institute is a world-renowned business building expert. He is perhaps best known for his ability to teach the art and science of how to write money-making direct response ad copy.
  • Michel Fortinis widely recognized as one of the best Internet marketers in the world. And he writes some of the most compelling copy online.
  • And many others!

"But more than that, his sales letter is pulling sales and making money, which is the real world test. He's an excellent copywriter."

-- Dr. Joe Vitale
Hypnotic Marketing Inc.

I have created complete marketing and lead generation systems for diverse industries such as:

...real estate sales, real estate investing, mortgage brokering, credit repair, business-building, opportunity, financial publishing, information marketing, health and fitness etc.

Along the way, I've had an "insiders" view into what it really takes to make money online or offline.

Especially if you are a direct marketer.

And it comes down to one thing above all others...

Constantly Attracting Fresh Buyer Leads
Who Easily Convert To Paying Customers

Which is what the Email Hyper List Building program is all about.

Take a look at a few more secrets you'll discoverr:

  • The single most important factor that determines how much you earn from your email list. (It's a mystery to most marketers but crucial to your bank account.)
  • How to build an email list of people looking forward to receiving your emails.
  • How to make people prove they are "worthy" of subscribing to your email list. (This is how you weed out the weeds among prospects and put only the best of the best on your list.)
  • The most accurate way to tell which lead generation source resulted in the most opt-in subscribers. (And why worrying about how many subscribers you capture is silly when you know what you're doing.)
  • Five goldmine markets making online marketers wealthy in today's economy! (ALL of the top super affiliates and IM gurus in the world are involved in one or more of these.)
  • How to find and choose the most responsive commercially available email lists made up of...

Hot Buyers Who Spend Big
On Their Passions

  • A sneaky way to know in advance what kinds of email messages subscribers of various ezines respond to in droves... and... how to avoid getting burned when blasting solo emails out!
  • The 7 sections each email you send out must contain and how to make sure each section engages prospects and rivets them to your message.
  • Mock example of a lead generation email you can use as a template.
  • Two sources of highly responsive email lists for mass market offers.
  • How to run "cyber space" ads to prepare people for a direct email blast. (This process ensures... as much as possible... that people anticipate the email and are eager to read what you'll say.)
  • The secret to making ezine sponsor ads work like crazy.
  • How to know -- before you shell out a single penny -- what kind of message is most likely to resonate with the readers of ezines and email newsletters in your particular market. (Then... and only then... write your email, sponsor ad or banner ad and watch in awe as new opt ins flood your website.)
  • How to write ezine sponsor ads that prospects can not ignore.
  • What you must telegraph in all your lead generation ads in order to attract maximum opt ins.

"I have to tell you the bullet copy you just wrote for me is fantastic. You pack benefit after benefit into your copy that practically glued my eyes to every page from beginning to end."

-- Yanik Silver
SureFire Marketing Inc.

And there's soooo much more!

What you learn during this four-week, email-based  program can change your business forever.

I've used the step-by-step instruction in this program to turn highly-targeted lists into windfall profits.

The BIG IDEA behind the program is simple:

The Real Money Online Comes From
Well-Qualified Lists Of... BUYERS!

When you build a list of buyers response and conversions shoot off the charts.

I've gotten as high as:

  • 28% conversion rates from campaigns selling $200 products. 
  • 10% conversion rate for an expensive $2,970 product.
  • sold out a $5,000 per head seminar within 35 hours. 
  • 1,078% return on advertising investment for a membership site.
  • $480,000 in additional profits for a $59 ebook. 

And on... and on... and on!

Is FREE access to the $127 Email Hyper List Building program right for you? Maybe. Maybe not. Here are some more secrets revealed during the program so you can decide for yourself:

  • Where 80%+ of online traffic comes from... and... how to use this source to drive so many visitors to your website it might be a good idea to have a back up server just in case! 
  • The two best ways to buy tons of targeted banner ad space.
  • Why the best-pulling banner ads are chock-full of copy and graphics free. 
  • How to get "hip" to the Masters of Online Direct Response Marketing and swipe their banner ads for explosive response rates. (These companies spend and make a fortune advertising via banners. I'll show you how to spy on them and model their banner ads for your own.)
  • How to create banner ad templates you can rely on any time you need to crank out an ad on the quick. 
  • One element every good banner ad contains and how to apply it in all your advertising efforts.
  • How to access millions upon millions of web surfers across many mass consumer markets online. (If you promote weight loss, financial, beauty, biz opp., pain relief or any other mass market product then this traffic source is perfect for you.) 
  • What "CPV" or "PPV" is all about and how to...

Siphon Hundreds Of Opt Ins To Your List Daily
From This Massive Source Of Web Traffic

  • 7 ways to use CPV and legally steal visitors from high-traffic websites like a Ninja in the night. (Blows my mind you can even do this... but... you can. It's legit. And it's like a bottomless well when it comes to traffic.) 
  • The absolute most effective lead generation and list building strategy when using CPV.
  • A little-known way to capture email subscribers from the online promotions of new movies, new bestselling books and news stories spreading like wildfire. 
  • How to get 1-penny ad views on your CPV ads. (Doesn't get much cheaper than that, now does it?)
  • How to track CPV ads so you maximize your ad budget. 
  • The dumbest thing people do when setting up CPV ad campaigns that guarantees costly failure, frustration and makes them give up. (Easy to fix. Really?)
  • A truly stealth marketing strategy for boosting conversions to CPV ads. (I bet you've never read this anywhere else before. It's that under the radar.) 

Plus a whole lot more!

But why in the world am I giving this training away for free?

The answer is simple.

It's an ethical "bribe" to get you to try (just try) my Email Marketing Jackpot six-week program. This is a complete email conversion system.

Desgined to turn the leads and buyers who opt in to your list into... money!

The Email Marketing Jackpot program includes:

  • Part I: The Secrets of Explosive Email Conversions! During the first three weeks, you receive a daily email lesson all about how to convert the maximum number of email subscribers into rabid buyers. So you can turn your growing email list into a cash-generating asset. (Value: $97)
  • Part II: The Secrets of Killer Email Copywriting! During the second three weeks, you receive a daily email lesson all about how to craft profit-producing email messages. So you can increase sales and bottom line revenue from every single email you send. (Value: $97)
  • Part III: Direct Email Support! What this means is you may send me ONE QUESTION per day over the course of five days about the program. I will respond within 24 hours (not on the weekends though) and help clear up any issues coming up. This way you can implement what I teach successfully. (Value: $1,000)

Which means, you get six full weeks of daily expert email instruction.

"When I read the copy John wrote about my Breakthrough Copywriting Seminar, I became so enthused I wanted to watch the DVDs all over again!... He 'gets' it -- and if you're lucky enough to have him write copy for you, you'll profit from it!"

-- David Garfinkel
World Copywriting Institute

A complete email marketing conversion and copywriting system not found anywhere else.

Plus support via email directly from me.

Plus... FREE access to the four-week Email Hyper List Building program for a toal of TEN WEEKS of serious money making instruction.

Before you decide either way, let me tell you about...

My Recent 1,507% ROI
Email Campaign
(NOTE: And I screwed up too!)

In case you're wondering if what you discover actually works, here's an interesting story...

A little while back I decided to test a new email campaign. The product makes no difference. Pretend it's your product. The price point was a tad under two hundred bucks. That makes no difference either. Pretend it's your price point.

Using the system I'll teach you during the coaching program, I set up a specific strategy for getting tons of sales from one of my email lists.

Then I wrote a handful of email messages and broadcast them to a tiny email list I was building. Less than 600 subscribers. I let the system do its magic and waited with baited breath for the results.

I had big expectations.

But I had stupidly screwed up part of the campaign. What can I say? On some days, I shouldn't get out of bed.

Here's what's important: Despite making a critical mistake... despite not meeting my sales projections... despite all that... the campaign STILL pulled an off-the-charts 10,507% return on my email advertising investment.

Let's put this in perspective...

Pretend this was your email campaign. Pretend you used my email list building, copywriting and conversion system. And pretend you (like me) somehow managed to screw it up. The numbers would have looked something like this...

  • $100 spent on advertising would of turned into... $1,507!
  • $500 spent on advertising would of ballooned into... $7,535!
  • $1,000 ad spent would of skyrocketed into... $15,070!

And all of this could have happened within about a week.

I am NOT saying this will happen for you. But it's easy to see how (even if you mess up with my email marketing system) you can still get great results.

The total combined value of both the Email Hyper List Building and the Email Marketing Jackpot programs is $1,321.

But they are worth much, much more.

If you apply the instruction you can easily make back 10 to 100 times your investment.

In no time.

Join The Email Marketing Jackpot Program
For 85% OFF What It's Really Worth...

... and get FREE Access to the Email Hyper List Building program too!

Which means, instead of paying $1,321, your investment is just $197. Only 54 lousy cents a day over the course of the next year.

The potential however is so much greater than your investment:

  • You could double or triple your monthly online revenue. 
  • Turn a dead list into a cash flow stream.
  • Build new lists that put money in the bank on a daily basis. 
  • Take a floundering online business and make it flourish.
  • Earn enough from your website to quit a dead-end job you hate. 
  • Take in a nice steady extra income you can use for whatever you want.

(NOTE: The investment in the program may be fully tax-deductible. Ask your tax professional for details.)

What You Get And How You Get It

Once you join at the deeply discounted price, you will get immediate access to the Email Marketing Jackpot program.

First you get Part I: The Secrets of Explosive Email Conversions. A daily email is sent out with one lesson per day over a three week period. You'll discover how to turn leads into buyers.

Then you get: Part II: The Secrets of Killer Email Copywriting! During the following three weeks you get a daily email about how to write emails that can't be ignored.

Then you get FREE Access to the four-week Email Hyper List Building program.

So you can build big lists... and... convert subscribers into cash.

And, of course, you get Direct Email Support from me as described earlier.

You get a complete system for generating profits from your email list.

Keep in mind, this is a risk-free trial and you're protected by my...

Better Than Risk-Free Guarantee: If for any reason you are not satisfied in the first 60 days after receiving Part I and Part II of the training... you can get a full and immediate, no questions asked, no hard feelings, no hassle refund! This way you get a chance to check out the program with zero risk... and... you can keep part of the training just for giving it a try. So there's no way you can lose!

If You Expect To Make Money From Your Website
Then The Decision Is Kind Of Obvious

Listen, generating profits from a website comes down to building a quality email list you can follow up with.

Because only about 2% of website visitors buy on the first visit.

However, you can double and triple conversions by putting people on a list and following up with them consistently. My email profit program reveals...

  • How to convert email subscribers into buyers.
  • How to communicate with subscribers so they respond and buy.
  • How to compel the maximum number of people to join your email list.

Do those three things and you should have no problem making as much money from your website as your little heart desires. But it all comes down to the quality and size of your email list.

"John knows what he's talking about. I know, because I hired him! He wrote copy for some of my clients in my copywriting agency, which produced millions of dollars in sales."

-- Michel Fortin
The Success Doctor, Inc.

You got a choice...

You could shrug your shoulders, ignore this message and keep struggling to make your website make a profit.

Or you could take me up on this special offer, discover ins-and-outs of creating responsive email lists. And laugh all the way to the bank. Up to you.

If your online business depends upon attracting email subscribers... converting them into buyers... and turning buyers into customers who keep buying from you... then... this program is perfect for you. Click here to get started!

To your success,

John "Angel" Anghelache

P.S. Keep in mind: You get my complete four-week Email Hyper List Building program for free. I'll show you how to use online media to grow a responsive list of buyers. Plus you get everything else you need to convert email subscribers into on-going revenue streams. Click here now to get started...


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